Amtico Flooring FAQs

Can I use Amtico next to my Aga stove?

Yes, providing the product is not in direct contact with a hot part of the stove. Amtico should not be installed where the temperature will exceed 27C otherwise a lighter product may eventually discolour.

Who should I contact in the UK if I have a complaint?

In the first instance you must contact the Retailer who fitted your floor. The Retailer will examine the situation and if the claim is valid he will decide if there is a product or installation problem. The Retailer is responsible for correcting the complaint and will liaise with Amtico if replacement product is required. If the Retailer cannot deal with your complaint for some reason, and you believe the product is at fault, you should contact the UK Residential Sales Support Office, preferably in writing and copying the correspondence to the retailer involved.

Sales Support Office address is:

Sales Support Office
Amtico International
Solar Park
West Midlands
B90 4SH

Sales Support Office can be contacted on Tel: 0121 745 0800

Does Amtico International have a "green" policy?

Yes, Amtico works to ISO 14001 (an environmental management system) and recycles most of its manufacturing waste internally.

How about a border?

Borders are one of the many advantages of Amtico. Many floors look wonderful with the addition of a border; from a simple tram line to detailed marquetry, borders add individuality and style. A unique Amtico benefit is that any border can be recoloured with any of the Amtico products to give almost limitless opportunities to match accent colours or coordinate with other furnishings.

Is Amtico guaranteed or does Amtico offer a guarantee?

Amtico International warrants that in the event of the Amtico flooring supplied to the original purchaser under this agreement requiring replacement due to "wear-out" from normal foot traffic within twenty years from the date of purchase, the floor will be replaced free of charge.

Is Amtico slippery?

When kept clean and dry, Amtico floors have excellent slip resistance. However, in common with other smooth floor-coverings water, other liquids, grease etc on the surface of the floor can make them slippery. OVERSPRAY FROM AEROSOL SPRAYS CONTAINING SILICONES WILL CAUSE THE FLOOR TO BECOME SLIPPERY. Food, chemicals or other foreign matter on the floor surface will also cause them to be slippery. Any spillages must be cleaned up immediately.

Is Amtico suitable for use on walls or ceilings?

No. Amtico is intended for use only as a floor-covering.

Where can I find my nearest UK Amtico Flooring Specialist?

The quickest way is to search in the How to Buy section of this website, alternatively call 0121 745 0800.

What does the UK Residential 20 year Guarantee cover?

If the Amtico floor should wear-out within 20 years of normal foot traffic, it will be replaced free of charge. Wear-out means the removal of pattern and colour from the floor. To qualify, the floor must have been professionally installed, regularly maintained and the registration form completed. Please refer to the terms and conditions on the Guarantee for full details.

What is Amtico made from?

Amtico floor tiles are made from resin compounded with high quality plasticizers and stabilizers, all compressed under pressure and temperature. Many tiles closely resemble natural products, these are made from specially printed films sandwiched between a wear layer and a backing. Some tiles are engineered to have a specific emboss or a metallic appearance. Many of these manufacturing methods have been developed by and are unique to Amtico. All Amtico tiles have: - a non-porous construction - long-lasting durability - excellent appearance retention - authenticity of colours and patterns - resilience for underfoot comfort - exceptional colour-fastness - beautiful looks which are easy to maintain.

What is the super-tough urethane coating?

Amtico tiles with a smooth surface finish are protected by the addition of an extremely tough layer of urethane during manufacture. This hard coating helps to reduce scuffing and makes it easier to clean. Floor Dressing is not necessary with urethane-coated tiles unless a higher gloss lustre is preferred.

What Amtico products are suitable for heavy traffic?

All Amtico tiles are extremely durable and will not wear through under heavy traffic (provided the material has been installed and is maintained correctly). However, to maintain an attractive appearance, some surface finishes will hide more scratches and marks than others. As a general rule, use darker materials with a textured surface in heavy wear areas. Ask your representative or retailer for specific advice.

Where can I get a sample?

The easiest way is go to ?request a sample? via this website. If you are in the UK, you can call: 0121 745 0868 quoting the product reference number, or you can visit an Approved Amtico Showroom, Approved Retailer or Amtico Studio who have samples of every product available for you to take away without waiting.

Where can I see and buy Amtico?

The new Approved Showrooms are aimed at providing a full experience to let you see the full range of flooring and get help with your design ideas. The Approved Retailer can also give you a totally professional service in selecting your floor and having it fitted, and is available at over 250 retailers nationwide. See our How to Buy section to find your closest Amtico Studio, Approved Showroom or Approved Retailer.

Where is Amtico made?

Amtico International is proud to manufacture all Amtico flooring. This allows total control over quality and reliability of delivery. Amtico have tile manufacturing facilities in Coventry England and Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Will Amtico stain?

Amtico is resistant to most common stains but there are items which can stain such as lipstick, solvent based liquids and paste floor waxes.

Prolonged contact with certain types of rubber or plastic castors, latex rug backing, fresh asphalt, rubber coated cables and rubber matting may leave a mark.